Yes, You May Have More

I’m creating a journal as part of an online program and I need to find a name or phrase for it. Some are choosing trust, dream, expand. Mine?

I want it all!

Because I do and there is no shame in that. So often I hold myself back because I feel guilty for wanting more. Isn’t your life already good enough? What more could you want? Don’t be greedy. It’s not your time, just wait. You have to choose. You can’t have it all.

I heard it one day as I was talking to my daughter. She wanted another dress despite the fact that her dresser was already overflowing. You already have so much. If you want more, you’ll have to get rid of something.

And I stopped. Was I really telling her that because she already had so much, was so full of things she loved, that life was so abundant, that she couldn’t have more? That she had to give up to gain? That enough was enough. That more was too much? That there is some kind of limit to joy?


How can you ever have too much of what you love? Too much fun? Too many choices? Too much variety? Too many friends? Too many projects? Too much happiness?

Can you put a value on your worth?

Do we really need to give up something good in our lives to make room for more wonderful to happen?


Love begets love. Good feelings unfold into more good feelings. Projects lead to unleashed creativity. Smiles turn to laughter. Abundance inspires confidence and courage. Joy creates more joy.

And I want it all.

Yes, my life is pretty fantastic; I have nothing to complain about.

AND I want it to be over-the-top incredible, amazing, surprising, inspiring, full to the brim with everything I can put my arms around and everywhere my mind can go.


Yes, I live in a comfortable home in a beautiful climate by the ocean’s edge. I have access to everything I could need and enjoy.

AND I crave a smaller, cozier place with a distinct seasonal change to meet my deeper needs for hibernation and intimate community.


Yes, I am blessed to be able to stay home with my kids and create opportunities for them. It is my first priority and I love that time with all of my heart.

AND I want to spend time on work and projects that are meaningful to me.


Yes, I am full.

AND I want to be fuller, deeper, wider.


I don’t just want a life. I want a larger-than-life life.

AND I’m not afraid to say it: I want it all.

Because to minimize my desire or put a cap on my joy is to do a dis-service to the individual parts of me that I’m denying. It’s a rejection of the all the other ways that I could be happy. It’s a way to keep me safe. We’re all called to make choices, sometimes very hard ones. I disagree, though, with approaching all of  life as if you have to just be satisfied with what you have because it’s already enough. It’s not about gratitude. It’s about reaching higher.

Who but me gets to decide what’s enough? Consider these thoughts:

But I already have so much compared to…


They’re going to think I’m so selfish.


What can’t I just be happy with what I have?

With these perspectives, I am abdicating my power, holding myself back, keeping the status quo. We’re not here to reach a certain level and declare ourselves arrived. We’re here to experience and it’s not a matter of either/or. It’s a matter of and/if.

It’s time to stop apologizing for wanting more. No more closing doors to dreams because the ones we walk through every day are already solid. Sometimes that’s the best reason to strive higher. Don’t be held back by someone else’s vision or lack thereof.

My daughter inspires me in her relentless quest for more. There are no limits to her imagination and she’s ready to keep expanding, seeking, trying, asking Why not?

She is growing up, always upwards. Never back. Never sideways.

You don’t build something by taking away.

It doesn’t have to be ‘enough’. Add more opportunity, more experience, more happiness, more love, more joy. More. For yourself and for your life. You’re worth it.

I give myself permission to have it all.



  • Ah Flo, this is wonderful xx

    • Flo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Liv. <3

  • YES! I love this! And I want it all, too. We can cheer each other on as we reach for it!

    • Flo

      Let’s do it!

  • Jade

    You are truly a talented writer. Love all your blogs as it hits home. 🙂

  • Jade

    You are truly a talented writer. Love all your blogs as it hit home. 🙂

    • Flo

      Such a sweet note! Thank you.

  • Sahara

    “But I already have so much compared to…”
    I am so guilty of this one. I am constantly denying myself, even things like self-love and self-care type things, because I feel guilty that I already have it better than third world countries, single moms, minimum wage earners etc. who am I to desire more time with my child AND a well paid job!?
    thanks for the wake up call, because truth be told, I want it all too Flo including the new dress 🙂

    • Flo

      Denying yourself doesn’t ease the suffering of others. I hope you buy the dress. xx

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