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It’s important to me to support small business, particularly those business so small that they are run from kitchen tables. This holiday season, as I did in 2012, I put the call out to my community to make your shopping a little easier. Listed here are products and services offered by people like you and me; real folks with a talent to share; families who could use a few extra dollars this month. Many of these are people I am fortunate to call friends- I can vouch for the quality of their products and the integrity of the seller. Browse this list for everything from simple stocking stuffers to functional art; gifts for your mail carrier to your mother-in-law. Be creative and give the gift of services. Arranging for someone to help with a friend’s business or personal life is a very generous thing indeed.

I hope you find a treasure here. Happy Holidays and have fun!


Holiday Coaching Special


Holiday Coaching 660 x 200

Provided by Kelly J. Dahl, Life Coach

The Holidays are all about joy, peace and happiness, or at least that’s what this time of year is supposed to be about, right?

When you think about the fact that there are only 6 weeks until Christmas day, do you feel an overwhelming sense of joy, peace and happiness? Or, if you are like me, do you feel more overwhelmed, wondering “How am I going to get everything done?” This year, it doesn’t have to feel that way.

This year, I am offering a gift to you. My support in creating a holiday season that feels good for everyone in your family.

4 Coaching Calls for $50

1 – 60 minute call

2 – 15 minute calls, to keep you on track with your Holiday intention

1 – 60 minute call after the holidays to see what you learned about yourself and carry this into the New Year.

Total Value: $250

Special Holiday Pricing: $50

Visit http://www.kellyjdahl.com/holiday-coaching-special/ to get the support you need to create a holiday full of joy, peace and calm.

Kelly is a Life Coach who helps women create a truly fulfilling life. Visit KellyJDahl.com and sign up for her newsletter to receive tips on how to create a calmer holiday this year, and get great support all year long.




photo used with permission: Amy Friend Jewelry

Art, Fibre Art, Functional Art:

Azure Fire – fused glass windchimes and more

I make fused glass wind chimes, rainbow glass wind chimes, glass rainbows, rainbow wishing stones, pocket rainbows, pet memorial pendants with cremains (ashes), glass suncatchers, and miscellaneous items of glass.

Brenna Dee Ceramics– functional pottery

Earthen Jewels– magical little section full of wands inspired by Harry Potter

Elements Gallery– handcrafted cool and wonderful things

We make both decorative and functional pottery. We represent about 45 artists in addition to ourselves, and have been in this location for 25 yrs. Working on a shopping cart app for FB, but can send photos to you and will ship anywhere in the world.

Iggy Jingles– art dolls and paper crafts (custom orders accepted via message here)

Loving Path– Hand dyed yarn

Shuttered Intentions– Abstract, nature, outdoor, landscape, and macro photography.

The earth as seen through the eyes of a camera! Beautiful photographs available as digital downloads – perfect for wallpapers, or to make custom mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts, custom-sized wall art, etc. Also one-of-a-kind wooden photograph blocks.



Do Life Right, Inc.– fiction books about realistic homeschoolers of today

With almost 20 books published, we have picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and YA. We’re looking for new YA and adult fiction authors for 2014 and beyond! See our website for submission requirements. Nearly all our books are available as Kindle ebooks and audiobooks, in addition to paperbacks. 🙂

Melissa Wiley– delightful variety of books for all reading levels

Usborne Books– The highest quality educational and gift books for children!


Clothing and Accessories:

AmberArt– rugs and bags made with found items and post-consumer materials

EcoWomb– eco-safe, family friendly products

Elimar– luxe bow ties

Fairy Dust Treasures– home decor, jewelry, baby clothes and accessories, dog clothes, perfume, shoes, clothes and more

Iggy Jingles– clothing and items with images and phrases in Latin, or something like it

Read in Style– quality reading glasses

Show Your Colorz– crocheted jewelry and keychains; also available in theme colors (colleges, sorority/fraternity, Hogwarts Houses, etc)



Amy Friend– timeless adornment for the playful spirit

Earthen Jewels–  handmade clay beads and magic wands

Lexiblu– notebooks and hairpins

Smithfits Bazaare– steampunk style (get coupons and discounts to this shop)

Why Knot– handmade with whimsy in mind; crocheted gypsy bells, a hemp necklace, or a loom beaded bracelet

Recycled Zen– Handcrafted, zen inspired jewelry and malas for both men and women



(how do you make a gift of a digital download? burn a cd print out the album art and wrap it up. but loads of bands have physical copies and cool stuff as well like shirts and other merch.)

Amy Steinberg– spiritual pop rock folk funk hip-hop comedy poetry blues

Bandcamp various artists

Owl and Mouse– indie musicians


Self Care:

Aunt Vi’s Aura Cleansing and Color Therapy; free online color reading

Carolan Deacon– organic anti-aging serum, kits and music

doTerra Essential Oils and natural wellness products

Essential oils and supportive supplements and products for physical, mental, emotional and spirtual well-being. Holiday specific oils, cooking kits and gift ideas!

Essentially Healed Emotional Clearing Energy Work

Grateful Heart Healing Energy– Pre-made flower essence blends

Magic Earth Mumma–  Certified organic luxuries from nature

Wise Light Wellness– Certified organic, ecocentric face and body care. What you put on your body, is as important as what you put in your body!

Pangea Organics is a leader in the skincare industry because they are known for amazing products that nourish our skin, as well as for supporting sustainable agriculture and fair-trade businesses. We absorb up to 80% of what we put on our body – be sure you know what it is that you’re slathering on your skin! Pangea Organics makes that possible.

You are Precious– essential oil and flower essence fusion products


Adorable Stuff/Gifts:

Adventures of Claudia– using original photos of a porcelain doll named Claudia and her thoughts

Chicks in Hats– photo prints, magnets, notecards, calendars and jewelry using original photos of chicks in hats.

Earthen Jewels–  handmade clay beads and magic wands

Gerbils in Hats– using original photos of gerbils in hats



EcoWomb– Eco-Safe diapers, slings and toys





photo used with permission: This is Fit Workouts



Carrie Saba– health and lifestyle coach

Heidi Taylor– Restoring and Reclaiming You- One-on-One Sessions

Kelly J Dahl– life coach for women

Performance Rules!– business coaching

Driver Coach– race car driving coaching

Melissa Mulligan Vocal Studio: vocal coaching and indie artist development

Wise Light Wellness– holistic health coaching and yoga instruction (group and individual, in-person and virtual)



This is Fit Workouts and Training– Online workouts, fitness equipment, and personalized one-on-one online fitness training

This is Fit Workouts provides free weekly workout videos. BUT, we also offer a small range of fitness equipment, and individualized online personal training. Perfect for that New Years Resolution!


Makeup/Body Paint Services and Lessons:

Faces by Ren (sells body paint and makeup application or lessons)



Keith Dixon Studios (photo sessions, photography/videography lessons)


Like this list? Here’s another one from my friend, Laura, the powerhouse behind This if Fit Workouts.

Please share and see what ends up under YOUR tree!


A long time ago my brother turned thirteen today, thrilled to be a teenager. Two weeks later he died in our family’s car when another vehicle slammed into the side where he was sitting. My mother doesn’t remember the accident but she does recall being released from the hospital for his burial and then re-admitted so they could monitor my health in-utero. My father only remembers walking around the car when help arrived. My sister suffered cuts and trauma as she sat beside our lost brother.

There are many things I could write today about how my life has been shaped by a brother I never met, but love anyway. The way I felt when I read one of his books, The Alligator’s Toothache, to my daughter a few weeks ago. The sentiment I gather when I put my glasses on his nightstand beside my bed each night. The compassion I feel for my mother when I call her each year on this day. The kick in the stomach I feel when I come across the yellowed clipping in my pile of old photos and family lore. The deep loss that almost feels like it shouldn’t belong to me yet aches to my core. The competitive struggle with the untarnished life that was cut short before it could fail. The confusion I battled for decades until it was identified as survivor’s guilt. The sadness that brought me to tears last night before I heard the neighbor’s windchimes-a sound I’ve never heard in the five years those metal rods have been hanging outside my window.

So much I could share and yet I wasn’t going to write anything today. But in this moment I am struck by one thing:

In the moments before the crash, my mother told her son that she loved him. It’s the last thing she said, for no particular reason. Surely it was said each night before bed or when they parted. This time, though, she didn’t know he would be going away, that it was also a goodbye. She said it anyway and surely he heard it. It was just the way she was: sharing her feelings because she could.

He died instantly and in the newspaper she was quoted as saying, thank God it was quick. I believe that is her salvation- that her son knew not pain but love in his last moments. In an instant her life changed but she had that for which to be thankful. How she moved on, I honestly will never understand. How she loves, I deeply understand. I’ve lived it.

My brother was sweet and gentle. I see him in each be-speckled, sandy-haired boy I pass by, even though I never looked into his eyes. It gives my heart a jolt each time as does the recurring image in my mind of us passing on our ways in and out of this world. I miss him and I am so grateful that he was loved well in his very short thirteen years. If only I had the chance to tell him I loved him, too.

But I can’t. So instead, I tell my own kids. All the time, for no particular reason. Even in the car on our way to anywhere. I love you, guys.

I hope you tell your kids. I hope you show them. For no particular reason; just because. Don’t wait until you are saying goodbye. Because life changes before you know it.

I love you, Bubby. Happy Birthday wherever you are.


The question came in the form of an accusation, as if I didn’t understand there are particular keys to success and happiness. Aren’t there certain things you want to her to learn, like algebra? 

My girl, there is no simple answer to that question because the vision of what I want you to learn is extravagant.

It’s not algebra or the atomic weight of nitrogen. Unless you want to learn that.

What I want for you to learn is the way life feels when it wraps itself around you.

The way your heart begins to race when you feel elated.The electricity that zips and zaps through your limbs in anticipation. The heat that flushes your cheeks upon the rush of adoration and bliss. The lightness and strength that arrives with a new understanding. The complete satisfaction of living the full expression of the one-and-only you.

I want you to learn compassion, that deep swell of comfort that comes to both.

I want you to learn that life isn’t hard. It’s full of opportunities to love more often, let go more deeply and reach more purposefully.

I want you to learn that you can make a difference. Humanity demands your presence.

I want you to learn about the person sitting next to you. Hearing her stories, aches and anticipations, you can proffer a peace.

What do you hope for?

I hope that you learn love is everywhere. It’s in the music your dad makes with his guitar and in the flowers that I plant. It’s in the laughter of dodgeball games and the popcorn of backyard movies. You’ll find it in the apple we offer to the tattered man on the street, the smiles you give to the grocery clerk. It’s in the drawings you mail, the fruit on our trees and the fog that greets our mornings. It’s in the decision to make your own choices. It’s in the tears when there are no words and the squeeze of a hand when there is no strength.

The way we stand anyway.

I want you to learn that disappointment is not the ending. I want you to learn your own strength and see through your weaknesses.

I want you to learn that dawn is eternal and in every moment you can begin again.

Failure isn’t an option only because it is transformative. Always ask yourself, who am I now and what does this experience tell me? What do I need next?

Change is good and necessary. So is stability and the comfort of knowing what is next.

Ground in your values and welcome surprise by taking a chance.

I want you to learn that life will surround you and lift you up if you let it.

Never be afraid to try. In fact, you must. And in that effort, you’ll find courage and ambition that leads you to more than you could plan.

I want you to learn that the practicality of other people’s conditions do not apply to your dreams. That all you need resides in the layers of who you are and the motions you make. It’s your interaction with the world you inhabit that will bring you happiness, comfort and fulfillment.

There’s no educational model that will birth your joy any better than you can do yourself. Success isn’t a reward- it is inherent in the choices you make when you are purposeful and excited. If I want anything for you, it’s intention. You’ve been given the time and space to know yourself without barrier or restriction.

I want you to know what it feels like when your spirit sings to you and you hear it clearly. When you can’t think about anything else because your intent is so bright and so invigorating. When all of your actions and care is an expression of who you are and the imprint you can leave.

I want you to learn that you matter. Your feelings and desires are paramount and not to be pushed aside in favor of popular opinion. Or even mine. You have a place- it is your birthright and you decide the shape it takes. It is yours and not mine to manage. I want you to learn that the buck stops with you.

What an opportunity you have: to create a life of your own design. It is not my job to make sure you learn the mechanics of certain things. To mold you to all that has gone before. To make sure all goes according to plan.

It is my job to let you know that you can’t prepare for joy as you would an SAT.

It doesn’t come in a plan or a kit or a mix and there is no recipe. There’s no curriculum that will bring it to you.

Happy endings are not manufactured and your life is not an test result. Happy lives are cultivated and built one daring adventure and sincere relationship after another.

It comes through the dancing, playing, risking, stretching, conspiring, trying, failing, moving because it feels good. It’s from wanting joy more than wanting struggle. Satisfaction more than superficial recognition.

What has meaning? Deep, true, aching job well done? Find it.

I want you to learn that those vague things I might wish for you- success, happiness, security, love- all of it is possible by your hand. Do not work a system to stay the course. Break from the pack and zig your own zag. You don’t need to be told what to learn and when to learn it. There is no prescription or patent for vibrancy and that is all you need.

I want you to learn that the answers do not lie in a textbook but in your desires. Know yourself, not a syllabus.

I’m not putting my faith in algebra. I’m putting my faith in you.


We celebrated your birthday and part of me wants to ask where has the time gone? These past eight years of you as my daughter. Where did the days go?

But I know exactly where the time went. Into loving you.

Into being the one who feels like home. Into being the safe, soft and quiet place to rest and release. It was the place where you laid your tears, your frustrations. I collected it all until you were ready to walk away and leave it with me.

It went into waiting until you were ready. Into creating a buffer between your sense of comfort and other people’s expectations. It was the space that you grew into, warming to the world. I held you and sat with you, negotiated for you and spoke for you. I stayed at your side until you knew it was safe to scamper away. And how you have! Like I always knew you would.

It went into pushes on the swing that you don’t ask for so much anymore. Into castles in the sand decorated with sticks and flowers that you now make with friends instead of me. Into dancing in the dark until you fell asleep to the beat of my heart that now comforts me when you are away. Into twirling you in the same pool where you now backward flip all on your own. Into Easter egg hunts and birthday cakes and pink dresses washed until threadbare. Into ballet tights and soccer Saturdays, ice cream sundaes and movies in the park.

Into pattycake and rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Into this little piggie and My Little Ponies. Old MacDonald to soothe your trips in the car and bedtime stories, a labyrinth of lengthening limbs and slowing breaths. Into traveling and skiing and skating and jumping the waves. Untangling ringlets and spinning mermaid tales in the bath. Into whispering, go ahead- it’s okay, and laughing loudly as you found your voice and your funny bone. Into admiring those soft rolls that became graceful curves of muscle and strength. Into counting loose teeth and each additional pet. Into watching you sleep and witnessing when something inside of you wakes up.

Into watching you open and dare until I’m just the voice of caution and permission. Into holding your hand until you are far more balanced without my help. You don’t need my height to reach the monkey bars now and you climb beyond my reach. And this is what it is all about.

Into encouraging you to try again and again. Into giving up my plans because you needed me more. Into making you feel bigger because you’re smaller than me. Into waiting my turn because right now it’s yours. Into taking responsibility for my happiness because you are only responsible for yours.

They say the days are long but the years are short as a way of softening the time we spend, as if that’s a bad thing. I see it as an investment in everything that matters, not to be softened but solidified.

These past eight years have gone into our relationship. Into listening to you not because I had to, but because I wanted you to be heard. Into giving you what you wanted not because I can’t say no, but because I can say yes. Into building you up not because I have nothing else to do but because this is the only time I have to do it. Into nursing you and sleeping with you and staying home with you not because I am too attached, but because that’s how we become attached. Into trusting you to trust me to trust you as we grow together and apart. And that is the most beautiful gift of my life. It is the most beautiful gift I can give you.

A base of surety. The rock of all your ages.

The hours in the days in the years have gone into creating a home for you. Into owning that task not because I know better than anyone else, but because I want you to know yourself better than anyone else.

The time has gone into uninterrupted sleep when your body unexpectedly needed to grow. Into long play days where relationships, ideas and skills blossom without a bell to move on. Into many focused hours of a game, a piece of art, a video series, dance and dress-up and sidewalk chalk and bike riding and being a kid for being a kid’s sake. Into opportunities to eat whenever your growing belly was hungry for whatever it was hungry for. Into trying and quitting and finding what makes you so happy that you don’t want to stop.

The past eight years have not gone into preparing for age eighteen or eighty. (How silly does that sound?) But rather into the moments that are piling one upon another; a big, fat, lopsided pile of togetherness and play and connection that threatens to topple into a heap of love and laughter.

Because these past eight years with you, my dear, sweet, bright girl, have been full of that. In this beginning.

And in the end, I find that the time hasn’t gone anywhere. We’re carrying it forward, with what we’ve made together, into what we have to look forward to.

It’s a dynamic life and while we may hunker behind doors in scarier times, the windows will be open to let in light from this time we’ve had together.

These long, long hours with you at my side. Listening, laughing, chattering, asking, getting to know me- a woman, a mother- with rhythms and ideas. Taking me into you as you carve out your own sense of self. Walking with me as I venture about the world and show you ways to settle in, new ways of reaching out.

Because I know that as the years continue on, we’ll both reach back. I in nostalgic sentiment and you in setting your course. These eight years have gone into where you will be from, from where you will spring.

The time may be gone but I am comforted that I gave it to you. Of all the places I could have been, I’m really glad that I stayed. In all the best ways that I could.



In the midst of a conflict with our kids, it can be so difficult to know what to next. Especially if our emotions are high and interfering with our ability to think clearly and calmly. The last thing anyone wants to do is get stuck in a downward spiral so prepare a toolkit to help. Parents need to have tips and tricks at the ready to shift the mood, find common ground or find a resolution.

Here are three ideas to help you move from a place of arguing, frustration or losing your temper with each other:


Tap into your maternal instincts and look at your whole child. You know them. Find a way in through a crack that shines their light. What do they enjoy? Can you use that as a way to get their attention, to take their mind off the trigger? If they like to run, challenge them to a race to the car. Make it fun! Humor? Exaggeration? Movement? This is a great chance for them to get to know you behind all that seriousness. You don’t have to just be the large and in charge Mom. Let them see the person that you are. Share yourself with them and watch them open up as well. When you engage them on common ground, it’s an experience they want to share and they relax into it.

Mantra: What does he/she like to do?

Try this: Play truth or dare.

Avoid: Being too authoritarian.


Give It Time

Don’t rush it. Emotions can be big, scary things. Just as we get stuck there, so do our kids and they can’t process as quickly as we can. Having a dose of patience while they get their balance and recover from the intensity and confusion of the situation goes far. Simply hold the space for them to move into a receptive mode. It will come, even if it’s painful for you to watch or hear. Don’t leave them alone, stay close. Keep offering your lap or your attention but be ready to wait a little bit longer. A good cry can be very cleansing when the child is supported and feels safe and loved. Can you create that environment while she processes her emotions?

Mantra: Just give her/him a little time.

Try this: Sit on the floor and wait.

Avoid: “Just stop it!”


Build Up

When your child is having a tough time, lift them back up. He may get stuck in negative feelings or thoughts, unable to see the light. From that place, he needs you to remind him of his worth. Tell him how wonderful he is. Remark on his good qualities, the unique traits that he brings to the world. Make it easy for him to bounce back because he sees the positive value of his participation. Your child has wonderful things to offer. Help him operate from those gifts by reminding him he has them. He may fail but you can show him his footing again.

Mantra: You are so good at…

Try this: Recall a good deed.

Avoid: Letting him/her feel like a failure.

This is an excerpt from my workbook, Keep Your Cool: How to Stop Yelling, Spanking & Punishing. Available now with special pricing!


We’ve taken on a lot as parents. It can be so scary to feel responsible for this life we’ve been entrusted with and we wrap ourselves in worry over our performance. Are we doing enough or too much? Am I preparing him properly for a secure, successful adulthood? How can I make sure she doesn’t get into trouble and make life-altering mistakes? What can I do to make sure she is a productive member of society? If I don’t get this under control now, what’s going to happen? I need to get her to not behave that way or she’ll never get anywhere. If he doesn’t learn how to focus and work hard, he’ll always struggle. We have such deep concern and love for our kids. We have so many insecurities about the future and we are so certain we know what’s best. We’ve been there, right? Maybe.

But what if all of that fear and preconceived notion is getting in the way of our ability to interact with the moment in which we are standing? Is it possible that we are manipulating the present with an unpredictable future? Our inability to know what will happen drives our attempts to bend future events to our will.

It’s not wrong to look ahead. Knowing your destination is very useful and helps you know what steps you need to take to get there. However, trying to control the future is another concept entirely. There are twists and turns around every corner and considering that your child’s life is not even yours, it’s going to go places you can’t predict. Ultimately we know this and the anxiety it causes motivates us to do all we can while we still have the opportunity. Unfortunately, it creates a snowball effect and before we know it we can lose touch with reality. We begin to invent scenarios and what-ifs that clearly demand we do even more to ensure they never happen. Our well-intentioned efforts can morph into unnecessary harmful control. Happily, most of our fears are never realized, so know that you can let them go without any unfortunate effects.

If you want to work through difficult situations with your child or avoid them altogether, let go of your fear of what is happening. Try to stay in tune with what you are actually seeing and hearing. Don’t project your ideas of what this may lead to. Just let it be what it is right now. Don’t give it any more power than that. If your child refuses to brush her teeth, acknowledge that she just doesn’t want to brush her teeth right now. It doesn’t mean she never will and her teeth will fall out. It doesn’t mean that she won’t ever listen to you. It doesn’t mean that she is testing your limits. It might mean that her teeth are sensitive right now or she doesn’t like that toothpaste or she’s too tired. It might mean a lot but all you know for sure is that she doesn’t want to right now. Keep your fear and your stories and your own experiences out of it because you are better served by the love you have and the best intentions your child has in this very moment.

Surrender whatever is happening. Fighting it will only escalate your actions and amp up the intensity. See it, acknowledge it, and let it go.

Don’t give it any more power by being swayed by its intensity or over-thinking it’s characteristics. “This is just something that is happening now.” The ability to see very clearly the truth of the moment, without any filters or screens or overlays, will reveal your heart and the best way through it. Fear is an emotion best kept out of problem-solving because it does not contribute to a level-head. Learn how to focus and stay in the present and you will increase your chances of a peaceful resolution.


This is an excerpt from my workbook, Keep Your Cool: How to Stop Yelling, Spanking & Punishing. Newly released and available for you. I hope this helps you as you parent your beautiful children.


Summer in San Diego is a special occasion every year. As you might guess, we spend a lot of time at the beach, mostly long hours with friends but also quick stops to watch the sunset or dip our toes on our way home. There are snack shacks with flavored snow cones, lifeguards perched in their blue or white towers, jellyfish sightings and dolphins that ride the waves alongside the body surfers. Beach umbrellas dot the sand while shovels and buckets strew the path to the sand castles and sand crabs scurrying to dig deeper. The surfers, boogie boarders, stand up paddlers, kite sailers and pelicans provide inspiration to keep moving, finding the sweet spot between activity and flow. Some of my family’s best memories are of bonfires and s’mores and racing on the sand in the dark, all while the crashing of waves compete with laughter. We never want to leave our friends at the end of those beautiful summer nights so now we are plotting camping trips with them. I’m looking forward to being with the people I love and adore with no other agenda than to be together, hiking, talking, swimming. Maybe I’ll have learned some good campfire songs to play on my ukelele by then.

Summer is the easiest time to feel alive, motivated, hopeful, carefree and inspired. Knowing this AND understanding that summer is so filled to the brim that time can slip away means that it’s important to set some good intentions. I am delighted to help you with that by offering a free spot to life coach Kelly Dahl’s Fulfill Your Summer program beginning June 10th!! Here are all the details you need about the course and how to enter to win:

Fulfill Your Summer 2013

Does this happen to you? Summer arrives and you create all sorts of ambitious summer plans and lofty ideas about everything you want to do for yourself — things you want to get done around the house, exercise plans, cooking and baking ideas, maybe even something crafty. You have a pile of books you want to read. You want to learn to paint, or meditate, or write in your journal daily.

Then it is suddenly the end of August and you realize you’ve spent your summer running around like crazy, meeting the needs of your kids, and you stand there scratching your head shouting : WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SUMMER??

Kelly Dahl created the Fulfill Your Summer e-course to help you make sure that this doesn’t happen to you this year.

The Fulfill Your Summer e-course is a 3 week online experience to help you claim your summer for yourself.

Filled with journal prompts, reflections, activities, and videos Fulfill Your Summer will help you create a summer with room for your desires.

To help create your summer to remember, Kelly is giving me the chance to gift a spot in her course.

And, if you don’t win? The e-course is pay-what-you-can, which means there is room for every summer budget.

Summer is right around the corner. You deserve to create one that you will remember for years to come.

Leave a comment here telling me your favorite thing to do in the summer. Yes, it can be doing nothing but soaking up the sun with a glass of lemonade on your patio. 🙂 I’ll close entries on this Friday, June 7 at midnight PST and draw a random winner on June 8th. Good luck!

Edited to Add: Entries are closed and winner has been notified. Thanks for participating!