Happy Spring!

It’s the first day of Spring! I feel like I haven’t earned the right to celebrate as much as all of my friends and family who have endured so much snow this long winter. It has been a particularly cold and overcast season for us here in San Diego, though, so I am so happy to see my yard coming to life. When the buds are on the cusp and the green is so tender as it pushes skyward, I can’t resist a few photos. This morning I inhaled the beauty I’m fortunate to have. So for all of you with snow on the ground today, know that a colorful season is close. This is for you:

In the side yard, our nectarine tree is on its way to fully exploding with pink. This is a Double Delight.

The neighbors flowering vine climbs over the fence to mingle with our trumpet vine.

The artichoke plants are always growing it seems. Soon we’ll have more buds than we can eat.

Pomegranates are doing extremely well.

Along the back fence, the Anna apples are already appearing and lots of blossoms promise many more.

Next up is the pluot tree. It flowers a lot but hasn’t produced any fruit yet. Need to investigate…

The front yard is where our waxflowers live between roses, strawberry groundcover, and a decorative grass.

The other side of our house is where my favorite redbud graces our entrance.

To greet your feet near the front door:

I love to lie under this little tree each season. It’s spring, though, when it offers the most hope.

And if you made it all the way here, I want to point you in the direction of a wonderful course, Spring Soul-Practice that begins on Monday. Chock full of self-discovery activities, creative projects and yoga practices, this session is offered by Becky Swanson of Bloom and Shine. I’ve taken a class with her and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend that you check out what she has to offer and register now before you miss it! Happy Spring, everyone!


  • Alexandra DK

    You have no idea how much I LOVED looking at these photos. I am missing spring so much!

    • Flo

      It’s coming, it’s coming! I can’t believe you are still getting snow out on that tiny little island but it will be so beautiful and sweet when warm weather finally comes. Hang in there!

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