You’re Eleven Now and I Want You to Know

1) Friends aren’t always forever.

If it’s too hard, let them go and find the ones who want to share your adventure.

2) The only scale you’ll ever need is the one that weighs your experience.

Always consider how you feel.

3) Dream big and then get in the game.

Define your success by the things that you try, not the things that you have.

4) Don’t ever make up your mind because that’s how you get stuck.

Choose a direction instead, knowing that when the wind shifts you can adjust your sails.

5) You can never be too loud or too quiet.

Except sometimes; it just depends.

6) Bad choices are generally uninformed choices.

You can ask me anything.

7) Your life will be richer if you begin most of your sentences with “I…”

Express yourself, ask for what you need, stand for something.

8) What you can see is not all there is.

Look past what you know.

9) Brave faces are over-rated and crying is okay.

Courage isn’t being strong; it’s being real.

10) I will always be here for you but you don’t always have to be here for me.

You don’t owe me a thing.

11) Butter makes it better.

(Just in case you thought I was joking. :))

I give you these eleven truths because I wish they had been given to me. All I can do is sift through my experience, searching for what has best served me, and offer it for you consideration. This life that you have before you is to be built according to your ideas, you desires, your choices. I can tell you that some days it may be dark, you may feel tired or the maze may be just too damn complicated. Don’t be afraid, though, because that’s not the end of the path, just a little part of it- keep going. Know that you are never alone. The light that you shine so brightly will call so many to you and I will always be part of the shadow that you cast.

And here’s a bonus #12 just because I love you so much. If you learn nothing else from me, let it be this:

Whatever happens, it doesn’t change who you are.

When you were born eleven years ago today, I didn’t know what to call you except grace. It was grace that gave you to me and it is grace that you carry. All you need to do is carry on, my sweet girl.

You are enough, just the way you are.


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